Priyanshi Educational, Cultural & Social Society (PECSS)

Sanitary Napkins making training to tribal girls and women, and make them aware about using napkins during menstruation periods

The organization has been working on this subject for the last 18 years. In India, most rural women and girls use dirty clothes, ash or tree leaves in place of sanitary napkins during menstruation period and its cause’s cancer and many other diseases to them. The main objective of sanitary napkin making training programme is to make women and girls aware about using napkins during menstruation periods. Simultaneously, they can use it for themselves as well as sell other rural women and become self-dependent.So far, we have trained total 132 women groups with 2640 women of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Arunachal Pradesh on this subject of which 75 percent of these groups are successfully doing this work after training programs. In this area we are working with funding agencies like Department of Science and Technology New Delhi, MPCST Bhopal, CGCOST Bhopal, NIT Jaipur and Department of S&T Jaipur.