About Us

‘PECSS’ – Priyanshi Educational, Cultural & Social Society, came into existence in the year 2002 with its underlying objective to reach up to the poorest of the poor person of the Society standing last in the queue to facilitate accessibility of standard basic needs of human being.

The founding members of PECSS, while framing its objectives, have deliberately not bounded it within the limitation to work only for any specific section of Society, Area and/or Issue, but left it free to work for all needy sections of Society and to address issues as may come up from time to time without any bondage of limitation. Because while working within the limitations of specific sections/areas one binds itself within such given limits restricting it from intervening for other needy ones howsoever one may wish to do so. This situation was not acceptable to our Founding Members and hence PECSS was left free to intervene for any needy section of Society as per its specific requirement. Accordingly, on the one hand PECSS works for Tribal Youths and on the other, also for Youths of Dalit community as well as for the Leprosy affected persons.

Keeping such limitless objectives in view, PECSS for the last 14 years of its existence has devoted and committed its efforts on the wide and varied range of issues, such as, i) Welfare and development of youths of Tribal, Dalit, Leprosy affected and Weavers community; ii) Working amongst the High Risk Group of IDUs (Injecting Drug Users) for prevention and care against the HIV/AIDS; iii) Developing awareness amongst the Tribal women for the usage and marketing of Sanitary Napkins; iv) Re-enrolment of School dropout adolescents and youths so that are able to complete their education; v) Providing employment based skilled trainings to youths to generate self-employment opportunities amongst them so that migration of youths may be minimized and they are able to earn their livelihood on sustainable basis; and vi) Actively involved in various IEC activities, including Universalizing Education; Developing Awareness on Science & Technology; Sensitizing community on Gender Equality; as well as for protection and promotion of Environment.

However, the main objective of PECSS remains to empower the youths of economically weaker families with their capacity building through Education, Skill Development and Vocational trainings in such a manner so that they are able to join themselves in the mainstream of Society as self-dependent micro-entrepreneurs and also to act as Peer Educators for similarly empowering the other youths.

Our Vision

Reaching up to deprived and needy sections of society and making positive efforts for their socio-economic empowerment and qualitative improvement in their standards of living, together with their mainstreaming into our Society.

Our Mission

With the underlying objective and mission to devote and dedicate our efforts in the service of under-privileged and deprived, the primary motive of our Organization is: “Improvement in the overall quality of life, covering education, livelihood and health as well as self-sustained empowerment of the backward community and families living below the poverty line – reaching up to poorest of the poor, through intensive capacity building interventions, income generation and health activities with special focus on women, tribal areas and socio-economically deprived sections of society.”

Aims and Objectives

For achieving our said mission to fulfill our vision, we move forward with following objectives:

Our executive body

Dr. Shalini Saxena
Writer, Educationist, and renowned expert of women issues and women empowerment
Mr. Sanjeev Yadav
(Member) An Entrepreneur, team leader,
marketing expert
Vice President
Dr. Atulya Sourabh
MBBS, Director of Vardan Hospital Bhopal and Chairman of Rajendra Medico trust.
Dr. Divyata Jain,
(Member) Renowned singer and artist,
Special Educator (V.I.)
Mrs. Neelam Pradhan
Educationist, Principal of Holly convent school, Bhopal
Ms. Sangeeta Chouhan
(Member) Counselor – working for women education
in tribal areas
Deputy Secretary
Dr. Sangeeta Gundecha
Renowned classical singer, Professor of Sanskrit language in Makhanlal Chaturvedi University, Bhopal
Smt. Shabana Haider Kazmi
(Member) Handicraft expert- working with 65 women
SHGs engaged in Lakhnavi chicken art
in lucknow
Mr. Rakesh Shrivastava
Trainer- life skills, capacity building,
youth empowerment & Entrepreneurship development
Smt. Rukma Bai
(Member) A Farmer, women SHG leader
and counselor
Smt. Sufia Ahmed Siddiqui
(Member) Educationist, Assistant Lecturer,
Campion school, Bhopal

Advisory Board Members

Mr. Satish K. Mehra
ICWA, Retired from a Diplomatic Mission
Mr. Santosh Sharma
State Treasure, Loktrantra Sanrakshak Sangh
Dr. V.K. Bhatnagar
Former Joint Director, Directorate of handloom and handicrafts
Dr. A.K. Dubey
Historian, Head of History department, Bhopal University
Mr. S.K. Tiwari
Under Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Government
Ms. Budhri Tati
Director, Maa Shankani Devi Ashram, Gidam Chhattisgarh